Thursday, 12 February 2015

Robo-Vac Has Competition of the Juicy Blendy Variety

So we got one of these babies.

Works a Treat

It was a gift from a very generous family member and I think this gadget and I are about to become besties. Watch out Robo-Vac, you have new competition.

I have only used it twice so far. The first was a breakfast smoothie for the chillun (sorry, I've gone all To Kill a Mockingbird since the news of Harper Lee's pending new release....but I digress).

Just your usual banana and frozen blueberries. Lovely, but nothing cray-cray.  Then I made an apple and mango juice with lemon yoghurt. Sickeningly sweet but entirely drinkable at the same time. Will definitely hit that again.

What I need to do is branch out. I know that.

I've been given some recipes, but I have to tell you, I'm scared. I love a V8 juice. I'm quite happy to add some ginger to an apple/carrot mix. But I'm pretty bloody freaked out by the thought of juicing lettuce.

I want to do it, truly I do. I want to be better at this whole "my body's a temple" shit. But right now, I look at lettuce and I look at the machine and nothing else happens. I can't make the two come together. This includes all kinds of other things too that, let's face it, belong on a wrap.

So please, tell me.

Do people actually do this? And if I take the plunge, do you have any suggestions to make the whole idea of this less gag-reflexy?

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