Thursday, 26 February 2015

Guess How Much Money Team Red and White have Raised?!

A little while ago, I told you about four women who were walking to restore blindness. Remember?

If not, you can read the original post here. In short, they're participating in Coastrek 2015, a 55km walk to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Team Red and White. Love the caps girls!

For months now these remarkable chicks have been training, embarking on regular walks of 20kms or more like that's how everyone fills in their Sundays. Don't worry, I'm there to remind them that heading off for a 4 hour walk every weekend is NOT normal. Unless there's 8 pub stops in that time. Then, normal. (Who am I kidding? I haven't been on a pub crawl since The Internet. And kids. *Sigh.)

So, how are they tracking? Really bloody well.

Not only have then been training their fit butts off, they've also been actively raising funds. Whilst they've asked people to sponsor them for walking FIFTY-FIVE excruciating kilometers, they haven't rested at that.

The girls (as well as juggling work and family and training I should add) have managed to hold a yoga class, a dinner and most recently a trivia night, all in the name of fundraising. And guess what? They've raised OVER FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for this fabulous cause.

FIVE GRAND. So very cool.

I am chuffed to say that one of  my very own paintings was auctioned off at the trivia night and now another Sydney-sider is the proud owner of one of my pineapples!

All this hard work comes at a price though. The injury list continues to grow, from hideous blisters (let's just agree that they often hurt more than full blown amputations) to tendinitis and all sorts of issues with hips, knees and feet.

I'm guessing some local physios and massage therapists could be doing well out of Team Red and White. As could shoe sellers. And, get this, gator sellers:

The glamorous way to keep crap out of shoes
With just one week to go, the girls are no doubt going over their game plan, finalising supplies and probably slipping in the odd prayer or two for decent weather. As those of us in Sydney know, they could get dealt all kinds of crazy shit next Friday, from rain-forest heat and humidity to torrential downpours and flash flooding. Fingers crossed girls, I'm praying for 23 and dry.

If you're as impressed by these girls as I am and you'd like to help out, you can still

Otherwise, please stop reading now and put your hands together, not only for these women but for all the other teams who are taking part in Coastrek 2015. They really are amazing people, doing amazing things for selfless reasons.

Go on, clap!!

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