Welcome to my gallery.

I hope you enjoy browsing through and please remember not to touch.

My first painting and the start of a wonderful new hobby.

Who doesn't love Bronte Beach? A perfect morning if you ask me.

The locals at Bronte Beach get smashed by huge waves. One may have even lost his pants!

This is my favourite painting and I plan to do a series of these one day (One day? Here I go again!)

Pineapple, anyone?

Or perhaps a pear?

OK, well maybe we'll step away from the fruit!

This is the pool at Bondi Icebergs. I added a lot of texture which was quite an experiment for me.


 Ah, the red dirt of Central Australia. A lovely change from all the blues of the ocean. It was quite a thrill having all that colour on my palette. 

Back to Bondi. Sydney beaches are just too beautiful.

This is the view from my aunt's place in Yeppoon, QLD. I loved painting this, although it caused me some stress at times. Loved working on the trees.

Whilst in Yeppoon, I took a photo of some seagulls on the beach, which inspired my next painting and one that was a lot of fun. I tried to relax a little with this painting, to not get so caught up with the fine detail. That's not easy for me!

This next painting was an experiment in limited palette which turned out to be a good process for me as options anxiety can fuel procrastination!