Monday, 9 February 2015

Not ALL Robotic Vaccum Cleaners Suck

It's coming up to my one year anniversary. One sweet, sweet year.

It hasn't all been roses of course. There have been times when we've argued. You know what it's like. He's too tired, needing to recharge the batteries. He's too full to go on. Sometimes he just gets stuck. But don't we all?

Yes, it's been tumultuous at times, but for the best part, my robo-vac has been the love of my life.

On Valentine's Day 2014, I posted this pic on my personal Facebook page. Robo and I had a beautiful day together, cleaning in unison, him taking care of the floors while I addressed the bench-tops and furniture.

After a busy day, we settled down together with a glass of bubbles. He'd worked so hard, God love him, that he was too tired to enjoy his bevvie. I was OK with that. He'd earned his rest and I'd earned the whole bottle. Win-win.

Today I'm alerted to the horrible news that our kind of relationship is not bliss for everyone.

In South Korea, a woman was reportedly attacked while napping on her floor by her robotic cleaning partner. Paramedics were called to the scene (which I can only assume is now an official crime scene) and thanks to their quick thinking, were able to set the woman free from what she now knows is a monster of the Hannibal Lector kind. Sort of.

Police dusted for prints but were unable to find any. It's a dirty business and one can only assume that the victim will require counselling and support before she can be given a clean bill of health. When asked what the encounter was like, the woman responded "It sucked".

It's important not to tar all robot cleaners with the same brush. Does one evil, rogue robot spell the end? No, I think not. It can't. We've come too far as a society to let the haters get a hold of this one.

In my house, the love affair continues. I appreciate that some may be frightened by this vicious and unprovoked act in South Korea. Some will worry about what might happen if their robot dares test it's power.

But me? No. I'll nap on a bed and tackle that problem head on.

Have you ever been attacked by a robot? (I thought not)

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