Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I Sent My Child to School in the Wrong Uniform. On day 5.

So this week I became that parent.  The one who sends their child to school in the wrong uniform.

Fortunately, Miss 5 found it quite amusing doing sport in her black lace-up school shoes and dress, but I was a little gutted.

Is this really that hard?

I don't actually think it is. I only have two children here to get to school. Step-son is not with us during the week and dog doesn't go to school. (Although she does wear a fabulous singlet during when the weather's stormy.)

There are only two types of uniform for each child. And I have a note, on PAPER, about which uniform is to be worn each day for one of my children - the one in question.

So if you did a calculation (some sort of statistic would suffice, happy for you to do that for me) you could probably conclude that I SHOULD NOT have stuffed it up.

What's more, husband was there too. So that's two of us getting it wrong.

Further to that, on Monday night, we discussed that Miss 5's sports day was Tuesday. Yet just 12 hours later, on TUESDAY, we both completely forgot.


I had prepared the lunches the night before so that wasn't an excuse. This was one of my New Year's Resolutions, one I've actually stuck with (after 5 full school days!) and seriously, I don't know how the hell I managed to get the kids to school at all last year when I was making them in the mornings!

The kids weren't exactly compliant on Tuesday morning, but they're only compliant on average, one day per month, so that's no excuse, I'm used to pushing through that (crippling) hurdle.

I don't know how it happened. I do,  however, know this.

It won't happen again. No way. We are SO onto this now that both children will wear appropriate attire each day for the rest of the term, I swear to you. I will take a sickie from work and keep them home for the day if I think for even a split-second that I may not have them dressed correctly.

I can't speak for Term 2. Any level of shit could go down then.

But for now, we're sweet.

Have you managed to get it wrong for your kids already? 

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