As a child I loved nothing more than to draw, paint and colour in. As a high school student, my favourite subjects were Art and English. I would spend my lunch hours in the art room clocking up some extra painting time and (unforgivably) I was that annoying student who smiled and nodded when the English teacher set a five thousand word assignment.

Did I leave school and study art? No. Did I pursue a career in journalism? No! And why have I spent the last 20 odd years in corporate sales roles, selling things I have no personal attachment to, spending hours a week analysing spread sheets and often just pretending to care?

I have a full time job (which incorporates neither art nor literature), a husband and children and pets and a mortgage and all the things that fill up life. Me One Day is a step towards doing the things I actually like doing, not just the have-to's that fill the rest of my wonderful, full-to-the-brim and often chaotic world.