Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I don’t own a Thermomix. Not even the OLD one.

Wow. This Thermomix business is serious. Clearly I’ve been living under a rock because I truly didn’t understand how big this thing is.

I first heard about this life-saving machine a couple of years ago when my cousin’s wife gave us some homemade jam for Christmas. She told me all about her new love and although I couldn’t quite relate, I was happy for her.

Earlier this year, another cousin brought dip to a get-together (beetroot if I remember correctly). Apparently she made it effortlessly using her Thermomix. I was so impressed I ate the lot.

I’ve seen mentions of it on Facebook every now and then and I knew it was popular, but I did NOT know it was the Game of Thrones of appliances.

What is all that stuff?

Today I’m reading about the angst that a new model has caused. If you’re not across this, it seems that many people who recently bought the old model did not know that a new model was coming, despite, in some cases, asking that very question of their Thermomix representative. Tsk tsk.

I understand how annoying that would be for people who have forked out $2000 for this thing. Let me say that again. $2000. Holy chopping boards, that’s a good blendie-cooking-thingie. Probably much better than my version:

Now I'm not knocking it. No way. If I had a lazy 2 grand sitting around I might even own one. If I knew what to do with a Thermomix and (and this is a big one), I could be bothered doing it, I might even own one. But I doubt I'll ever get one because I'm not much chop in the kitchen and also because... well....

Honestly, it was a fluke I could even locate that mixing-thing in my kitchen for my photo shoot!

Do you "do stuff" in the kitchen?

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