Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dog Shaming: Storms and Staffies Don't Mix

Staffies and storms are not friends.

It's easy to feel sorry for dogs when they fret at the sound of even the most distant thunder. We let them in the house, excuse them for knocking things over and turn a blind eye as they rearrange furniture to find themselves the smallest, safest spot in which to ride out the storm.

But what happens when the storm hits and the humans aren't home?


Not quite the look I was going for.
As Sydney finally says good bye to winter (well the calendar says we're saying good bye but my 15 layers tell me otherwise), I thought I'd reflect on one of the memories of last summer to help prepare for the next. The bloody dog.

On this particular occasion, we were out  of the house for two hours. During that time, as it often happens here in these parts, a huge storm hit. Lightning, thunder, sideways rain, the works.

We knew we'd come home to an unhappy hound, but didn't quite expect this. Clearly the bitch went postal and we got to sweep up small slivers of door for the next two days.

Our door remains in that state, a little reminder to her every time she pushes past it with her arrogant snout of the shame she brings on herself.

Man's best friend makes it hard sometimes. Really, really hard.

Does your pooch freak out in a storm? How do you handle it? And would you buy them a ridiculous "storm jacket"?

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