Monday, 15 September 2014

Dog Dress Ups - Perfect for Stormy Weather

Ever wonder what goes on at home when you're not there? Well husband just sent me a photo of what's happening at my place:

It seems, from this image, that husband and staffie are playing dress-ups. Intriguing.

Staffie's been part of the dress up game before. As you can tell by her expression, she loves it, especially with this superhero look:

As it turns out, there's thunder and lightning in the air. You may recall from a previous post the damage she did to our door last summer? Here's a reminder:

So husband just happened to hear a segment on the radio advising dog owners to dress their shit-scared dogs in a tight-fitting shirt to help calm them down. Lucy, the cowardly staffie, is frightened. And now she's sporting a lovely grey singlet.

Perhaps the fear will just turn into embarrassment?

Does your pooch flip out in a storm?

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