Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Why Getting Organised Trumps Exercise

Husband and I discussed at length the benefits of committing to an exercise routine promoted by Carly Jacobs on her blog Smaggle. It's a simple plan to exercise for 20 minutes a day, every day, for the month of April. You can read her take on it here.

I love the concept and despite getting off to a fabulous start this morning with a 35 minute walk by the beach, I'm not sure if I can commit completely.

Here's why.

Our household is busy of the crazy variety. With work, school, after school activities, weekend activities and all the hobbies that we try our hardest to indulge in (because without the stuff we enjoy, there's really very little point to the rest, right?), we are basically just existing day to day on a "quick, do that now" basis.

In no way am I suggesting that we're busier than anyone else. I'm not interested in winning "busy"!

I do know, however, that we're not as organised as we could be and definitely know that we're not as organised as some of you are.

Husband put it to me that instead of committing to 20 minutes of exercise, let's put that effort into getting organised.

Hello? Have we met? I'm a Virgo for God's sake. It was like he was trying to win my heart all over again. (Remember the scene in Friends where Monica and Chandler had a window of time when nobody else was home and they agreed to do their favourite thing? Chandler started undressing while Monica went to get the cleaning products. That's what our conversation reminded me of.)
These two are the spitting image of husband and me. I swear.

Although he had me at organised, he embellished, pointing out that by getting our shit together, we will save money, eat better meals, stress less and in turn, it will become easier to find those 20 minutes for exercise anyway.

If we commit to the plan of getting organised, we will make way for a better exercise plan by default. Are you with me?

First step for us is to devise a comprehensive daily chore list with the aim of becoming visitor-ready more often than once a fortnight.

Second step is to plan some meals, shop accordingly and then stick to it. This might help us avoid buying lunches and eating cheese toasties for dinner three times a week.

Third step is to take some tips from the pros: you guys who are already winning at staying on top of shit.

So I'm putting it out there - How do you stay organised? Please share your top 3 tips on getting and staying organised. 

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