Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The War on Cling Wrap Just Got Personal

Over here at Team Turner, the battle over cling wrap just took an unexpected twist.

First, let's recap:

OCTOBER 2014 - I finished a 600m Goliath box of cling wrap, a gift from my dad that had lasted over 3 years. You can read about that here.

NOVEMBER 2014 - Knowing it would be weeks before my dad could get a replacement Goliath to me (which he'd already purchased), I bought a small box of Glad Wrap to see me through.

DECEMBER 2014 - Tortured, I wrote this post about the new design of the Glad Wrap box and how it was destroying my life.

JANUARY 2014 - I discovered that people all over the country were tearing their hair out over this same packaging nightmare. It seemed it was perhaps the most monumental marketing balls-up of this century as customers threw brand loyalty out the window, vowing to teach Glad a lesson.

Since then, lessons have indeed been learnt. Glad agreed to revert to their original packaging while testimonials for reusable containers popped up all over the interwebs. It's been a crazy few months in the world of food packaging. Big stuff.

"What's happened now?" I hear you ask, perched on the edge of your chair, popcorn in hand.


It's with a heavy heart that I report that it was not the Glad Wrap design to blame here, but rather, my new and dear-to-me Goliath box. And my stupidity. But let's not focus on me.

You see, it all happened in the excitement of ditching the Glad box and opening the new Goliath in order to supply husband some cling wrap. I opened the box and extracted the plastic, but didn't bother to fit the cutter-blade-thingey on the top, meaning the blade was exposed.

When husband shoved the whole box (which is quite heavy being 3 years' worth of plastic!) into the cupboard and proceeded to run his finger along the entire blade, the Turner household came to a stop.

The sharp intake of breath, the bend and cringe and the stifled expletive stopped the rest of us in our tracks. Then there was the blood. Far out, can that much blood really pour out of a finger? Apparently so.

The photo really doesn't do justice to the injury. Husband is quite disgusted by this shot, in fact, feeling ripped off by the insignificance of the cut in the photo. I don't blame him. I was there,  I saw it in real life and it wasn't pretty; we even wondered if he'll lose the nail - it cut that deep.

The 600m Goliath remainss my friend and I'm still incredibly happy to be rid of the old "just rip up" Glad Wrap, but for husband, it's not that cut and dry. He sees the Goliath as the death trap that it is, clenching his jaw with every sandwich he wraps, cursing under his breath with every leftover dish he covers.

The cling wrap war is not just about Glad Wrap any more. Now it's so much more.

Have you ever been attacked by packaging?

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