Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Tomato Sauce Bottle That's Destroying My Life

I remember being told that adding tomato sauce to a meal is the ultimate insult.

Lucky I'm not precious about my culinary skills because my kids (and often my husband) absolutely coat my cooking in the stuff. Granted "my cooking" is often 2 Minute Noodles or chicken nuggets, but still.

Even when I do surprise us all with an actual meal - and it does happen occasionally - that tomato sauce gets slapped all over it as if it were a mere hot dog.

Delicious Chicken and Vegie Pie. Apparently, it's only edible with sauce.

Mr 9 and Miss 6, like most kids, love to be independent. I do my best to encourage it, even if it's sometimes through gritted teeth as I know it will result in me having to do MORE stuff. You know what I mean.

One of those simple things is letting them put the tomato sauce on their own plates.

Sounds reasonable?

Well it bloody well should be. But do you think these poor sauce-addicted offspring can open the pouring spout on the bottle?

Hell no. Of course not. They can remove the entire spout / lid thingy, but not open the spout itself.

See, the sauce makes the lid sticky on the inside. So when you turn the top cone shaped section, it turns the entire lid. Little hands combined with still-developing skills in logic results in frustration and further dependence on parents. I'm busy shoving food into my own gob. I don't want to stop to open the bloody sauce bottle.

Sounds a little dramatic? Maybe. But hells-bells it shits me.

You need to hold the base of the lid and twist the cone-shaped part in order to make it work. I feel we could do better in 2015, but maybe it's just me.

I get that the lid works better if it's clean and yes, I do, from time to time, wash it. Which frankly fuels my hatred because, I don't know about you, but I have enough things to clean without having to wash this bloody thing.

I'm no engineer and perhaps this suggestion would bring a whole new problem that I haven't thought of but couldn't those two parts turn in opposite directions? Or couldn't the cone part lift up? Just an idea.

Guys, you rallied in support last week at my shampoo / conditioner font size issue and for that I am forever grateful. Now please, PLEASE tell me I'm not alone with this one?

Does this bottle shit you up the wall? 

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