Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Hidden Talent. You'll Be SO Jealous.

I recently discovered a hidden talent. Well I wasn’t exactly hiding it as much as it was hiding from me. What is it? I hear you ask with baited breath. Brace yourselves, it’s a good one: estimating capacity of glasses and small bottles.

Yep, I stumbled across this remarkably useful skill some years back when I really cared about the volume of fluids my children were consuming. Once or twice I found myself actually testing my estimate and finding that I was, in fact, correct. As time went by, however, I lost my focus on measures and simply forgot about my redundant skill.

Recently, on declaring to my husband that my entire health and fitness situation needed a radical overhaul, I found myself interested in volume once more because, well because “drinking more water” was my entire new-health plan. No, I won’t join a gym, I won’t take up running and I won’t diet. I’ll just drink more water. That’ll do it.

Anyway, awesome health plans aside, I set a target for 3L of water a day. That’s a lot of water incidentally, enough to make you see the benefits of convenience based catheters. I have 3 different types of drinking glasses  in my kitchen (besides the wine glasses of course) and, after testing my theories, I found that I estimated their capacity accurately in each case.

Oh, the joy. Who knew forcing down 3 litres of water a day could become so much mathematical fun? I then turned to our selection of reusable bottles. They can’t fool me with their clever shapes and crazy colours. 200ml, 500ml, 750ml. You name it, I guessed it. My next step is to perform these feats live, so watch out if you're lucky enough to get invited to my house.

Now some of you may think my talent is lame (although I can't for the life of me fathom who could possibly think that) but I've been made aware of the hidden talents of some other people lately that might sit higher on the impressive scale. MIGHT.

A friend of mine recently revealed an unknown skill of the ping pong variety. When faced with a table tennis table at a family function, she whipped her entire family, young and old to their disgust and bewilderment. My husband is very good at impersonating speed skaters on our kitchen tiles, provided he's wearing socks of course. Who doesn't want to do that?

So if you're feeling a little bit lost in this world, like you're being overshadowed by people with ACTUAL talents, don't fret. Your time will come. Just remember that one thing that you can do well, no matter how useless or unimpressive it may be and OWN it.

There will come a time when that talent will be called on. Who knows when 60 Minutes might want to run a story on real life Australian speed skater impersonators?What if the only way to defeat the alien invaders is through a ping pong tournament? What if guessing small vessel capacity is the final challenge in a new million dollar prize competition?

We'd nail it.

What about you? Do you have seriously awesome hidden talent?

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