Tuesday, 7 July 2015

5 Things to Do Now to Ease Back to School Pressure

The kids go back to school next week for the beginning of Term 3. These school holidays are like school-year equivalent to Wednesday, hump day. We're on the downward slope after this week, counting down to Christmas, summer (thank God) and the BIG holidays.

It doesn't matter if the kids have a couple of days off or 10 weeks, I'm never organised properly for them to go back. This time, I'm determined to be a little less chaotic on Monday morning and I'm here to help you too.

Here's a list of 5 things that I'm doing this week to minimise the stress of next week. They may be no-brainers to many, even most of you. But if I can help just one other mum, even if it's just reminding her that she needs to take her kids to school on Monday, then my work is done.

You with me?

1) Clean out the School Bags

The gunk that can accumulate in the bottom of a school bag is, at times, repulsive. Crumbs, apple slices, even mouldy sandwiches if you're particularly unlucky can pile up in the bottom of the bag. Wipe them out, wash their hats or jumpers or rain coats or whatever else lives in there. Put them in a sunny spot to dry out and get some good, sunny, germ-killing vibes in the bag. Check for any notes / forms in their bags and file / sign / return as necessary.

If I look, I'll always find a pencil with some other kid's name on it.

2) Replenish Stationery

Glue sticks, pencils and highlighters seem to be the items that wear out or get lost the most in my house. Write their names on the new stuff and pack them into their bags now. Cover and books that need covering and locate any school or library books that need to be returned.

3) Bake 

Cook a batch of something that can go in the freezer to call on for lunch boxes. Banana bread is always a good one and you can freeze individual servings wrapped in Glad Wrap. Be careful, don't cut yourself like husband did! You can read about that here.)

I tried a recipe for pumpkin muffins from Maxabella Loves and it is yum. Mr 9 won't have a bar of it (although he helped make them) but Miss 6 is on board. You'll find a lot of tasty lunch box suggestions there.

4) Prepare Uniforms

Wash and iron the uniforms. If they don't need ironing, fold and put them away so you know exactly where to find them on Monday morning. This includes shoes, socks, hats, ties, tabs and any other necessity for school.

5) Remind the kids 

There's nothing worse than your child being shocked about going back to school, especially younger children who are less time-aware. I find it's best to remind them regularly but reiterating that they still have so many days left to enjoy. If your kids love the idea of going back to school, this may not be much of an issue but if they don't, this can be a big one!

You'll still need to make up the lunchboxes and get the children dressed on Monday morning, which is always easier said than done, but if you've done these 5 things before Monday arrives, you'll be eternally grateful to yourself.

Is back to school a drama for you? Or is anything better than juggling school holidays?

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