Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Happy First Birthday to My Blog - What's Happened in a Year?

One today. My, how the time flies.

What's happened in a year besides the whole Glad Wrap debacle?

Well, there are 66 posts on my blog, so I guess I've written a lot more. Word.

I've completed 15 paintings and sold 7.


Novel word-count is 55,000. Not great considering I was at 42,000 a year ago, but hey, growth is growth, right?

The vegie garden is still producing, but husband must take most of the praise for that. I'm more responsible for eating it.

I wrote a 1500 word short story just for the hell of it.

With the help of Dad, two pieces of furniture have enjoyed a coastal makeover.

I've had a surfing lesson and gave up tap dancing.

Wait, is that me or Cameron Diaz???

The dog is still a total bitch. Love her to death though.

The children are, according to their school reports, a year wiser.

I'm a season behind on House of Cards due to this whole bloody Netflix / Foxtel mess and mourning John Snow.

Am in the process of getting my polyp-filled nose fixed and, after less than 2 weeks of medication, I feel like a new person. For real. Radical changes, people, radical changes.

Winter is still the hardest part of the year, but summer is coming.

Can't wait for more of this gear.

I think that sums it up. Thanks for celebrating Blog's First Birthday with me. Don't forget your lolly bag.

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