Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Conundrum of the Creative Virgo

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. It might be an unexpected change in living arrangements. It could be turning up to work to discover it's your last day. It might be spilling red wine all over yourself at your own wedding.

Or it could be this:

Say whaaaaaat?

I hear you, scratching your heads, brows furrowed, staring at the image. Am I missing something, you ask? Let me explain.

I am a creative kind of girl. I love drawing and painting and pictures in general. Opening Pinterest is like cracking open a beer. It's full of promise and overwhelmingly exciting. Sometimes I take a still shot of a scene on the TV just because I like it.

When my kids say "can we make a cake?" I pretend I didn't hear them, buying me some time to come up with a super awesome distraction. "A cake? Pfft. Let's go to Luna Park!"

When the kids say "can you draw with me?" I'm on it in a heartbeat. In fact, quite often they've moved on and I'm still colouring in the sky. It's a similar feeling to finding yourself sitting alone on the lounge watching Adventure Time. You're not having a bad time, you just wouldn't wittingly make this choice.

On top of the creativity, I am also a Virgo. Virgo's love order and organisation. Amongst many other wonderful traits, we Virgos love things to match. For this reason, we are often the butt of our non-Virgo friends' jokes. We accept that.

So back to the textas. These fabulous Faber-Castell Connector Pens aren't like normal markers. They are Colour Changers. You can draw something in yellow, then go over it with the special white pen and it will change to red.

Funky right? There's blue that changes to yellow, brown that changes to green and black changing to purple. It's the lid that indicates the colour it will change to as you can see in this pic:

It's creative heaven. And it's a Virgo's nightmare. That, friends, is the conundrum. Many of you may shake your heads in disbelief but I am certain that some of you will completely understand how hard it is to NOT put the yellow lid on the yellow pen. So very, very hard.

When these colourful babies joined our household, it changed my life. Well not really, but it certainly made me think twice when the kids asked me to draw with them. I was all yes-no-yes-no with the children, jumping around all antsy-in-my-pantsy trying to settle the excitement and calm the twitch at the same time. Thank God red wine came out of the red wine bottle, that's all I can say.

Go ahead, Sagittarius, mock me, mock us all. We creative Virgos don't care. And when you're done, you'll find us happily humming away, arranging our wardrobes by colour. That's how we roll.

Is there something in your life that makes you twitch?

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