Thursday, 22 January 2015

Are You Failing at 2015 Already? Blame School Holidays.

So we're approaching the end of January and my plans for 2015 are  already turning to stinky poo.

I'm not going to spell out exactly what my plans and goals are for 2015 (mostly because they're not accessible right now without me getting up and, well, lazy) but let's just say it's about writing more, painting more and improving my health (through both intake and output).

Earlier this week, I started getting a little down on myself, giving myself an ear-full for losing, for failing at goals I set less than three weeks ago. How can I achieve anything this year if I'm struggling to get started IN JANUARY?

I copped my verbal self-slap on the chin and I'm going to cut me some slack now. I know that whilst school holidays may be just an excuse, it's a bloody good one.

The lack of routine that comes with school holidays is wonderful in many ways, most notably not having to make lunches because WE ALL know about the struggle I've had with Glad Wrap! (But in case you missed it, it's here: Glad Wrap Bitchin' )

Without that routine though, the kids are all over the shop, going to different places each day, having kids over at our place and getting all up in my face about not needing to go to bed on time because it's school holidays. I call BS on that - I can't listen to you fight and bitch all day long and then let you stay up later so I can cop some more! No.

Anyway, the future's still bright. It's ONLY January is how I need to look at it now and really, I haven't been totally unfocused. I've managed to make a few small steps and when you think about it, that's what it's all about. You can't achieve big without achieving a series of small first.

Goals  need to be broken down into manageable chunks. They need to be specific and measurable.

It's pretty easy to dismiss a goal, walk away from it completely, when it's something fluffy like "improve fitness" or "write more". Improve it how? Write how much more? Write more what?

So I'm reviewing my goals, making sure they're set in a format that's designed to work. And I think I'll include something about NOT eating toasted sandwiches for every meal. Maybe.

Oh how good does that look?

Did you set goals for 2015? Are they achievable?

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