Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Storm in Review - How the Dog Ended Up ON MY DESK.

I know, I know, you're sick of hearing about a staffie called Lucy who freaks out in a storm.

Just one more?

I thought I'd take you through a quick sequence of events that I managed to capture on film a couple of days ago.

One may argue that I could have put the camera down and comforted the dog.

Apart from the fact that this was way more entertaining and gave me something to talk about afterwards, I should assure you that it wouldn't have worked. She can't actually get close enough to me in these stormy situations. It's simply not possible and her constant attempts end in anger and sometimes injury (to both of us). So I just watched her instead.

Storm's-a-brewing, so singlet goes on. Her expression is judgemental, like the storm is my fault.

Thunder. It's coming, Human. It's coming.

It's getting closer. She starts fretting and pushes her way past my legs, under my desk. She is squashed in a space that's not quite big enough for chair, human feet and chunky dog. She rubs her nose on my knee, dribbles down my leg and sits on my feet. It's not enough.

If I can just climb onto that lap.....

Lap access is denied and the skies begin to rumble loud enough for my own ears to hear it. Lucy scrambles out from under the desk, huffing and puffing with distress. There's a flash in the sky and she does her best meerkat impersonation before deciding she must see more. It's petrifying, but she MUST SEE MORE.

Oh, I can see a ball....down there, in the yard....Oh Shit, thunder.
I roused on her to get down. She knows the rules about being on the furniture but a momentary lapse of reason is expected in these circumstances. Eleven years of storms has taught us this.

The whole thunder/lightning thing erupted and then it was all on. There was a fury of lounge hopping and chair jumping and an attempt to leap from the lounge onto my back. That was fun.

When she realised that my shoulders were not an accessible or acceptable landing pad, quick thinking led to a total brain explosion on her part.

Maybe human will think twice next time before telling me "it's OK". Idiot.
Yes, that is the 24kg dog, wearing a singlet, sitting on my desk. Old and arthritic maybe, but she can still jump.


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